Just teach your daughters patience already!!

If there’s one thing in the world that would help young girls today, it’s patience. The impatience to be romantic, the impatience to be beautiful, the impatience to feel popular, the impatience to ‘live’, the impatience to feel in control….etc. The list goes on!

Our society teaches girls that they need things, and they need it NOW! No use waiting… right? You want to feel sexy? You want to look like an adult? You want to have that perfect boyfriend? Well, all you have to do it go out and get it!
Think I’m wrong? Just go to the mall.
You can’t buy shorts longer than high-thigh. There’s make-up everywhere. Even the shops for younger girls has pictures of young adults, as if “YOU BUY OUR STUFF AND YOU WILL LOOK LIKE THIS!”
Girls can’t wait to get boobs, it’ll make them sexy. They can’t wait to get a boyfriend. They can’t wait to go to their first party. They can’t wait… they can’t wait…
But what is wrong with waiting? Why do they need makeup? Why do they need to dress like the older girls? (Have you SEEN girl bathing suits lately? Personally, I think a girl who hasn’t hit puberty looks downright silly wearing suits that are meant for boobs.) Why can’t they wait to grow up? BECAUSE SOCIETY TEACHES US THAT GROWN UPS HAVE ALL THE FUN.

What about boys? It’s my personal belief that if young girls are taught patience, they will end up with a significantly lower number of heartbreaks. Because if she is so anxious to find “the one”, then every boy she likes will be a potential candidate. And every time that boy ISN’T “the one”, her heart will break. Because she really thought he was. But if girls can be patient, if they can learn to wait, won’t their heartbreak start fading away. If they know their man will come when it’s time, and likely not when they’re expecting it, then they will quite the wild escapades of beautiy, sexiness, and showing off trying to attract that guy’s eye. Because lets be honest, girls think about guys A LOT! It takes a very mature young lady to admit that she’s not looking for her prince charming 75% of the time. Without this crazy search happening, won’t girls stop trying to be perfectly beautiful? Won’t this make a difference on how they see their imperfections? Because if they’re not looking for guys, who are they trying to impress? Please ask this, who are they trying to impress? The other girls who know how much work it takes to look that way? The strangers on the street who they will never see again? Their parents who raised her before she knew what makeup was?
No. The incentive to look good comes largely from the pressure of attracting guys.
Without this, girls would not need to feel insuperior in looks. Would this raise their confidence? I think yes. If they aren’t worried about how they look, then being self-conscious about it is completely out of the picture.

So parents, please start teaching your daughters to be patient. Their time will come. Soon, the braces will go away, the body will come, the adult life will have it’s time, and the boys will flock to her because they see someone confident in herself. Worry about who you will attract, and you won’t get the catch you want. But if you can be patient, and know that the right guy will come along at the right time, then when he does show up, you’ll be ready for him. You won’t have wasted your time on anyone less worthy of your time, and you won’t have given away your love to someone who didn’t fully respect it. Because you were patient, and because you respected your time, so will he.

Believe me. Patience is worth it.


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